Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Thoughts Of 2012

Happy New Year from the Nalls!
With only a few more hours left in 2012, here is a reflection on this year as we look back at what the Lord has done and look forward to all that's to come in 2013...

We continue to learn to WALK by FAITH and take ONE STEP AT A TIME

Thankful for a healthy pregnancy and birth of our precious son that has brought more JOY to our lives than we could ever put into words

We have enjoyed our new and old friends in Birmingham, AL and have enjoyed this place that has become our home

Thankful for our church, The Church at Brook Hills, and all that the Lord continues to teach us through making the WORD come alive in our lives 

We continue to learn more about functioning as a team and being there for each other in the moments where it seems the other person's patience is about to run out

Thankful for family and friends that have come alongside us in a whole new way as we raise our son

As the new year is right around the corner, we would love to share the following news with each of you in person, but this seems to be the best way to tell all at once...

We are moving back to Nashville! 

Brandon's company has offered him a position in the Nashville territory. We are truly in awe of the Lord's divine plan and excited to be on this journey with HIM. Lots of details (as far as living arrangements, dates, etc) that we don't know the answer to at this point...but we are in the midst of planning a move for sometime in the first quarter of 2013, as B will be starting his new position officially on February 1st. 

Thank you in advance for your prayers and praises with us during this exciting time. 

Much love and blessings to you as we step into this NEW YEAR. Something so refreshing about a fresh new start! Here's to making much of JESUS, no matter where we are, as we journey forward with one chapter closes and another is just beginning! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Sickness And In Health

What a weekend it's been! Friday night started off with a bang, as B and I had our first "official babysitter" (aka: not a family member) come and stay with Nelson while we had a night on the town with some friends at a Christmas Party. It was a lot of fun to have some "us time" and enjoy dinner, dancing, and fellowship with great friends. 

Always fun to get dressed up!!

Then on Saturday is when things took a turn... B wasn't feeling the best before we went to bed on Saturday night but we didn't think much of it. Then around midnight he decided to go sleep in the guest room because he knew he was getting sick. Starting at 2:15am, he threw up every hour until was awful. There is nothing worse than watching someone you love be sick. 

I decided this morning that I was going to have FACE MY FEAR of throwing up and step right into this because throwing up in part of life and family. I didn't sleep last night and prayed for healing for Brandon - and for protection for Nelson and I - as I cleaned toilets, sheets, towels and so forth throughout the day. The joy of the Lord has been my strength, even in the midst of not sleeping much...last night OR the night before really. So thankful to be Brandon's wife and there is no where else I'd rather be than right by his side. 

I literally have not thrown up since high school...and pray that I never will (but know that's not reality, ha!) ... I was so thankful to make it through pregnancy and childbirth without getting sick like that, too. A true answer to so many prayers!! But today I realized that the marriage moment of this week was realizing that I was NOT going to put on a mask and gloves and be afraid to get near my husband. I was going to embrace what was going on and pray to be the hands and feet of Jesus as B has been aching from head to toe. 

Thanks to my MOM for teaching me over the years
how to make even a "sick tray" look pretty!

He hasn't eaten anything all day except for a few nibbles on some applesauce and saltines...but he got adjusted by our chiropractor this Lord willing, he will wake up feeling like a new man tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your prayers of healing for Brandon - and prayers of protection for Nelson and I - as we face this stomach virus head on.

Keepin' it real with this pic!! This is what playtime in the jungle looks like
while Daddy is sick and Mommy folds laundry! 

This weekend I have really felt like my "mama role" has come into full fledged we had our first babysitter and our first stomach virus roll through. Never a dull moment! 

Our little acrobat during one of his "snowboard breaks"!!!

We would like to close with a praise report: Nelson's snowboard has been staying on ALL day throughout the past couple of days! From the time we put it on, until the time we take it off for his 2 hour daily break...his shoes and bar (aka: snowboard) have been staying on AND staying in place. That is a TRUE answer to prayer!! Thank you to each and every one of you that have been lifting that up. Those first few days and weeks were really we would put the snowboard on and then within five minutes at times, it seemed that he had wiggled right out. We have been learning dedication and perseverance and seeing how that really pays off. So please be encouraged IF YOU are going through something in life where it seems like you just did that, or just learned that, or just took that thought captive, or so on and so forth...keep at it! Your dedication, perseverance, and persistence WILL PAY OFF! We go in on Wednesday for our next appointment with the club foot doctor...we will keep you posted! Thank you for your continued prayers as we take ONE STEP AT A TIME! We are so encouraged each time we look down and see the progress of Nelson's feet. To GOD be the glory! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas!

To all of our blog readers, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers...Merry Christmas! Thank you for your prayers for us always...we are so very encouraged by you! This birth announcement and Christmas card says it all...we are so very thankful for God's precious gift to us this year in baby Nelson...but more importantly, His gift to the world in the birth of Jesus. Soooo very much to be celebrated. May we take time to slow down here at the beginning of December and savor each and every moment of this special season. 

            O come, let us adore Him! JOY to the WORLD!! Glory to the newborn King!!!