Saturday, January 26, 2013

Transitions, Teething, & More!

Look closely and you will see Nelson's first TWO teeth!!! 

Hard to believe that it’s already the last week of January! 2013 started off with a bang as we were on the road to Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta...all within 10 days and a 5 month old in tow! Not to mention, we discovered Nels has his first two teeth!!! A few weeks ago, our dear friend and “sister” that we affectionately call “ADM” (Aunt Doula Mary) was the one to notice his first tooth as he was gnawing on her finger...then a few days later, B noticed the second tooth! Our boy is growing up before our very eyes! 

For those that may have missed the news from our last post, Brandon has been offered a position with his company back in the Nashville territory and we will be moving back to Nashville on March 1st! We had a feeling that we could be moving from Birmingham at some point for Brandon’s job, but it was no where on our radar that we would be offered the opportunity to be back in Nashville at this point...just another testimony of how God is into the details of our lives and truly has given us the desires of our heart. It’s a different kind of move this time, since the “light at the end of the tunnel” is our dear community of friends back in Nashville...yet it still is a process to wrap up the sweet time that we have had this past year and a half (+) in Birmingham and the friends that we will miss as we start this next chapter. 

As you can probably imagine just from reading what’s been mentioned above, there is a lot going on. It’s amazing though to feel the PEACE that we know is straight from the LORD. As people ask how they can pray, help and support us through this transition...the thing that comes to mind is to ask for prayers for our REST. It’s quite a task to “shut down the mind” in the evening when it’s time for bed...and it’s a whole other issue to wake up from the short bit of sound sleep to nurture our dear teething son. The first two teeth came in with no issue but now we think it’s been a combination of being on the go PLUS the teething that have led to our sleep being a bit off! *wink* 

Thankfully we have kept the lines of communication between husband and wife wide open and are able to hear each other out on what our “needs” are...For instance, this week we have put our finger on the issue that I, as a Mom and Wife, need to make some time in the day for some “me” time...and that does not include doing dishes, laundry, or a run to the grocery store. We are making every effort for this to be some time apart for some personal exercise, bubble bath, or even today...the gift beyond my very imagination which was...a massage! God bless my dear hubby for having a play date with Nels and giving me some hours away for relaxation and rejuvenation! And vice versa, we see the importance of me really helping to guard his “cave time” to watch a TV show, read a book, or whatever it takes to wind down from the day and gear up for the next day. 

We also wanted to make sure and update you with the praise report on Nelson’s feet! Our last club foot clinic appointment was last week and the doctor said that Nelson’s feet are looking great and that we will keep him in his “snowboard” (22 hours/each day) for another month...and then at the end of February when we have our appointment, we will find out if he is ready to move into just wearing his snowboard at night when he sleeps. This would be a HUGE step! Our “mover and shaker” rolls all around (with or without his snowboard on) and at some points it looks like he is about to take off and crawl! Who knows what will happen when the sweet thing is without his snowboard all day...!!! We praise God for His faithfulness in this journey so far and know that He will be the one to direct our path from here...and that Nelson will crawl, walk, run, and play all in God’s perfect timing. Please continue to pray for Nelson and his feet when the Lord brings him to mind - that the snowboard will stay on and that his feet will continue to 100% correction. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family. Please continue to pray that our eyes will be fixed on JESUS in the midst of all that is going on around us. We know that nothing is more important than HIM and through HIM, everything else will fall into place...