Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where To Even Begin??

Nels getting familiar with his sippy cup!!

I cannot even believe it has been almost 3 MONTHS since our last post...well, actually I can believe it!! Just a "few" things have happened since...HA!

  • 10 year high school reunion for Whit at GPS
  • A week at the beach with some of our dearest friends, aka: "Settlers of Seaside"
  • Switched our car tags from AL back to TN
  • Membership class at our home church in Nashville, "Southpointe Community Church"
  • Whit's first Mother's Day
  • Club Foot Clinic for a check up on Nelson's feet
  • Baseball season has been in full swing for the "Nashville Men's Baseball League" 
  • Whit's 28th birthday!
  • Baby Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, and Weddings of precious friends
  • Visits with old and new friends throughout the week and weekends 
  • Celebration Dinner for the first 30 years of Mercy Ministries
  • B's first Father's Day
  • Confirmation that Nelson will have nothing to do with a bottle but just maybe will take sips here and there from a "sippy cup" which is our new "backup plan" for nights we do go out and leave him with a babysitter
  • Speedy crawler Nelson turning into speedy cruiser...into anything and everything!
  • Nels is babbling up a storm with "Mama" and "DaDa"
  • Little man loves to "pat pat" anyone around him that he loves! So precious!!
  • Matron of Honor for one of Whit's first friends at Auburn University...the first friend of Whit's that B ever met when we were all at Passion in Atlanta 2007!
  • "Camp Suzie and Pops" in Chattanooga for the week of Independence Day
  • As of tomorrow (July 7) we will have an 11 month old!!

...and these are just the main highlights of our April, May, June and now the first of July! Thought it would be better to stop in and say HI now or else it may be Christmas before we know it!! Seeing that we did start this blog to be a place to share our "Marriage Moments" and keepin' a realistic view into where the Lord has us and what He's teaching us through our marriage and now family...we thought we'd put the ball in YOUR court this time and see what YOU would like to hear from us on!! There seems to be soooo much (see list above) that has been happening, and with our heart for wanting to keep this relevant and not just replay every single event or conversation over the past couple of months...let's hear from YOU on what YOU would like us to share a window into!! 

Look forward to hearing!! 1, 2, 3...go!