Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So You Want To Be Married?!

Seeing that Brandon and I are in our twenties, we know a lot of girls that are looking to be wives and we know a handful of guys that are looking to be husbands. Some of our most near and dear family members and closest friends are praying for their mate right this very second.

We read an article this week from “The Gospel Coalition” and wanted to feature it on our blog. There’s no need in trying to re-write all that was written, we just ask that you take a few minutes to read what Kevin Deyoung has to say. Click here to read the awesome post, "Dude, Where's Your Bride?"

It’s been a true time of handing over all the details to the Lord as we pray for some of these dear friends’ and family members’ mates. We know that we are not in control and have the power of PRAYER to lean on for God to bring their future spouses at just the right time. 

Naming our dear single ladies by name, praying for their man!!

I can remember this time four years ago...praying to God, asking for Him to bring me my husband. Many of my closest friends had gotten married the summer after we graduated from college, and I seriously had not a clue in the world who on the planet I would marry. It was truly when I let go of this in all possible areas that the Lord threw me the curve ball of my life (no pun intended, having married a baseball player) by bringing me Brandon. Meanwhile, B had been praying the “single man’s prayer” for the Lord to bring Him his wife. It’s amazing now to look back on his story and my story and see how the two paths not only crossed...but joined up to be Team Nall for life!! Praying today that our testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness and ability to provide in His perfect timing, will be a BLESSING to you wherever you may be in this journey. 

Closing statement from the man of the house: “You're probably wondering what the 'single man's prayer" is...! It's based off of Paul's words in the New Testament where he talks about it being better for man to be single, solely because he doesn't have any other responsibilities and can do more with reckless abandonment for the gospel so to speak because there is nothing holding him back. One of my favorite pastors, Tom Nelson, said something a long time ago that always stood out to me: 'If you want to live for Christ, don't get married. If you want to be like Christ, get married.' So when I prayed the 'single man's prayer', I simply prayed: 'Lord, I don't want to be single. I want to love and be loved by my wife. I want to be like Christ and I want to be married. I want to know you through marriage. Bring her to me because I don't want to be alone anymore.' ...Then came WHIT!"

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