Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What We REALLY Think About The Red Crocs

Steadman Nall here, brother and sister-in-law of B and Whit ANDI am the guest blogger for this week's post!  Just to give you a brief background: I am Brandon's older brother by 13 months. We have been best friends since birth and I am very fortunate to have both B and Whit in my life.  For the past 3 1/2 years I have been the road manager for Reach Records going around the world with the biggest Christian Hip Hop artists in the country… and that is where this week's blog begins for me...halfway around the world in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Steadman in Africa!!!

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for many people. Traditions, family and food. So many fun and memorable moments are made during this special time. This year I had the incredible opportunity to travel the continent of Africa for 16 days doing shows and spreading the Gospel of Jesus to 8 different nations. Unfortunately I had to miss the traditional Thanksgiving our family does together. This was a bit disappointing, but thankfully via the internet, iPhone and Facebook I was able to keep up with my family and their festivities. When I did a check in Saturday, with the limited internet access we had, one particular photo of my brother and sister-in-law stuck out at me. The moment I saw it a swirl of emotions and feelings hit me like no other. It's hard to describe and certainly unrepeatable. It was a picture of Brandon and Whitney at the Iron Bowl (a football matchup between Auburn and Alabama). In this picture, the two of them were posing on a beautiful Autumn day right in front of Samford Hall in the heart of the Auburn campus. Whitney was dressed in her game day finest - an Auburn colored dress with her cowboy boots - a wonderful football outfit.  B on the other-hand was in an LSU shirt (mad props for that GEAUX TIGERS) but to go along with that awesome shirt he had on...sweatpants and RED CROCS!! They were hideous!!  That's all I could think and I could not wait to travel 12,000 to tell him my thoughts on his outfit!

B & Whit at the Iron Bowl - November 2011
So I get back to Atlanta last week and stay with my cousin for a few days. She and I are catching up on life and football when she proceeds to tell me a story that I couldn't help but share with you! One of her friends was at the Iron Bowl and posted a picture on Facebook entitled 'typical LSU Fan' and low and behold the picture was of Brandon!! This girl snuck up and took a picture of Brandon when he wasn't looking. Just like me, she was appalled at his sweatpants and RED CROCS. Needless to say, I had plenty to say about Brandon's 'Wardrobe Malfunction' whenever I saw him in Birmingham.

After a looonnnnng lengthy discussion about this with Team Nall back at the casa, this is what we came up with:  Whitney has learned to choose her battles and she said that football attire is not one she wants to fight for.  B - first off - doesn't care what anyone thinks about his wardrobe during is free time and secondly, he says he wears a suit 40+ hours a week and won't be caught in one on the weekend. He wants to be 'comfortable'. To which I say...bologna!!! The biggest football game AND social event of the year deserves a husband to dress appropriately to support his wife.

Up close & personal of the red crocs...B's absolute fav!!!

In closing:  Ladies, do learn from Whit - choose your battles. You can't fight for everything and have a healthy relationship. Choose what is most important to you and certainly go to bat on those. Men - you have to remember every time you go out in public is NOT just a reflection on you, but on your spouse. Oftentimes your lady is sacrificing to even come to the football game (!!) so at least look presentable. Yeah it's really nice to feel comfortable in your "Sunday lounge around the house clothes", but jeans and boat shoes can be just as nice. So guys, next time you want to go out in your pajamas...think AGAIN! 


  1. Oooo - thank you STEADMAN! My husband is definitely getting this link as a "must read" - LOL! ;)

  2. This just made me laugh. A LOT! :-D


  4. Haha this post certainly amused me. To be honest the caption of the post reeled me in and I just had to know your take on red crocs lol.