Friday, June 29, 2012

Sneak Peek

It's been another {busy but good} week! B started off the week in Dallas for a business trip and I was in Chattanooga for a sweet shower for Nelson! We hit the ground running at work and in my "free" time I have been working with Mama Sue on putting the nursery together. Now that we've had a moment to focus, we have been two ladies on a mission! Here's a "sneak peek" of our new favorite room...aka: Nelson's nursery! Seeing all these pieces come together make the fact that we're going to have a baby soon, all the more real! 

In other news, we now have cable {it's been a year without it} and B is enjoying having his "cave time" again where he can actually watch sports and shows like "American Pickers" on the TV instead of the laptop. Works out great for me so that I can use the computer while he watches and we get to be together...without me sitting over his shoulder wondering how much longer he's going to be on the laptop watching his sports on there. Hilarious! 

Thankful for a weekend to rest and relax in our own home this weekend. Reason 598 that we love where we live...there's a pool! On these 100+ temperature days, it sure is delightful to go take a swim. People keep reminding us how few and far between these moments will be before long. Even though we hear what they're saying, we must say...we are all smiles around these parts about our baby boy's upcoming arrival. Soon and very soon he will be in our arms. Thank you for your continued prayers for our growing family. Eeek! We are so excited! 

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