Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keepin' It Real

Sometimes it seems like the one thing you set out to do is just HARD. For instance, at the start of this year we said that we want to post a new “marriage moment” once a week. We usually like to write our posts the night before and post our new message on Wednesday morning. Well here we are on the Tuesday night before our blog post is due and it’s been a long week. The past 24 hours have certainly been the best out of this week - a Happy Valentine’s Day it was indeed - but that still doesn’t erase some of the circumstances around us.

For instance, tonight was one of those Tuesday nights where you take Schlotszky’s Deli up on their offer for $2.99 Pizza Night! And that worked out just perfectly seeing that our kitchen is a bit out of order. Right at the end of our romantic Valentine’s meal last night - the pipe under the sink decided to start leaking. This was discovered when I went to use the disposer and the whole bottom half of my body got soaked. So this picture here is what our “nook” looks like right now...all the pieces that belong in the cabinet beneath our kitchen sink are spread across the floor. 

Our main point in creating this blog has been and will continue to be to give you a glimpse into our “real life”. Praying that as you peep your head through and look into the window we’ve provided - you’ll be encouraged in one way or another to know that life isn’t always picture perfect - but we certainly wouldn’t change a thing! There is a song by Matthew West called, “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” and there’s a line in that song that says, “I wouldn’t change a’s perfectly will show you what you will laugh at all your plans”. We are constantly reminded to not take life or ourselves too seriously. Life is too short... May we all make time to get out the fine china and fancy silver once in awhile and celebrate all that the Lord has blessed us with! 

Closing statement from the man of the house: "Guys, call the plumber!!"

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  1. Nice work, Brandon. I love your advice. That is definitely what I'd be doin'.