Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CAbi & Sports Leagues

As many of you know, my Mom is a CAbi Consultant for CAbi Clothing. She does a CAbi Show here in Nashville twice a year - once in the Spring & once in the Fall. Monday night was the Spring Show. It’s always fun when she brings the clothes because after all the ladies leave, I usually ask Brandon what some of his favorite outfits are and then I try them on and we pick out our favorite. This Monday night the fashion show started off a little different than all the rest. Brandon put down the “look book” and said, “Babe, let’s talk about our goals for our clothing!” Without even cracking up all that much, I took him seriously and sat down for a good talk. I shared with him that it’s my goal to buy a few items each Spring and a few items each Fall. I went on to point out that buying clothes from CAbi is making an investment in my wardrobe because they are such nice quality and fit well with the pieces that I have bought from previous seasons - they make nice outfits that build on each other. 

I then mentioned how Brandon signs up to play in a baseball league each Spring and a basketball league each Fall. I shared with him the analogy that this is like my sport...I play “CAbi”!! This was the word picture that clicked with him. He had shared that the reason he brought this up was because it looked like to him that our closet had plenty of clothes in it. I did agree - but I shared that I gravitate towards only wearing my CAbi for the most part these days and it’s worth it to me to only buy CAbi! (I also try to stick to my rule of thumb that when I buy something new...I get rid of some pieces that I have had for awhile that I no longer wear) This was yet just another funny thing that came up as a difference between guys and girls. I mean, let’s be honest, he’s still wearing some of the same Polo shirts that he’s had since high school. 

One of the funniest things we heard (on a Love & Respect  CD) before we were married that has still stuck with us is how you can literally say the same sentence but as husband and wife -  you translate it totally different. For example, when the wife stands in the closet and says, “I have nothing to wear” - she is meaning that she has nothing new to wear. When the husband stands in the closet and says, “I have nothing to wear” - he is meaning that he has nothing clean to wear. Hilarious! After sharing the line about “let’s talk about our goals for clothing” with a few co-workers and them being able to relate, we knew right away this would be something relevant for this week’s post! 
Closing statement from the man of the house: “Guys, as I mentioned to Whit...I am not saying no to the CAbi clothes...I am just saying all means...with limitations!!”


  1. This is great. James and I need to sit down and have this talk too. Funny how James and so many of my friends husbands are all still wearing clothes from high school all the time.

  2. So funny and so true! My husband still has some high school stuff too. How do men even stay the same size forever? Cute post Whit. And I can't wait to get my CAbi!

  3. Love this. We read the same sentences in the Love & Respect book about having nothing to wear and laughed so hard realizing the stunningly simple truth of that statement!!