Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Feel Known

You may have heard me mention before that my husband’s love language is FOOD! One of the things that was most hard for Brandon when he first got to Birmingham in May and I was still in Nashville was the fact that he was eating out for each meal - including breakfast. Picking up banana bread from The Fresh Market or grabbing a biscuit from Chick-Fil-A was just not coming close to his morning usual of eggs and beans!! When people hear that he eats eggs and beans for breakfast each morning - they ask if that’s normal and they’ve just missed out on something or if that’s a “Brandon combo special”!! I will be the first to tell you that it’s definitely a “Brandon combo special”! It brought joy to my man’s face when we got the kitchen boxes unloaded in Birmingham and had the skillet for the eggs and the pan for the beans back in action. 

This past weekend we were in Chattanooga visiting the family. We even got to spend Sunday night since Brandon was going to be doing business in the area on Monday - so you know what that means - eggs and beans in Chattanooga on Monday morning!! When Mom and I went to the grocery store on Sunday night, we went around and collected all the usuals. Instead of just grabbing the eggs and beans, we also grabbed a few extra “toppings” so that B could make an omelet. We decided we would go ahead and chop up all the extra ingredients on Sunday night so that when B got up early on Monday morning, he would have all the prep work finished and could just go to town with preparing his breakfast (since the rest of us would still be sleeping!!)

When we walked in from the grocery store and put all the items out on the counter, B went on to say in a long drawn out heartfelt way, “I FEEL KNOWWWNNN!!!!” That phrase stuck with me as a perfect idea for this week’s blog. The marriage moment behind all this is that the little things go a long way. As I started off saying, my hubby’s love language is food! Knowing that and then going so far to say that we chopped up his breakfast toppings the night before so that they would be all ready for breakfast the next morning - was like winning the lottery for Brandon! (Well, maybe not SO much...but you get the picture!!) Thankful to know what makes him smile!! It’s a little way for me to show him just how crazy about him I really am!!

Closing statement from the man of the house: "‘I Feel Known’ is a phrase that Whit and I both share. I get really excited when I hear her say those words cause I know I have loved her in a specific way that really lets her know that I truly know her on a deep level. One of those levels that can really be gotten to by listening and making an effort to put what the other person cares about into action.”

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