Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Date Night To Celebrate

This week marks a big milestone for the Nall family. On Tuesday, I organized my last event with Mercy Ministries for this season. As you know, we moved to Birmingham on June 4 - but I have still been working part-time for Mercy to organize the Chattanooga Mercy Luncheon that was held yesterday at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club. The past six weeks have been full of a lot of time in the computer lab at our apartment - since we do not have internet yet in our actual apartment. I have been focused on this event and really wanted to finish well. The luncheon went very smoothly on Tuesday and the Lord was truly glorified. 
On Sunday night when Brandon and I were talking through the plans for the week, he so kindly announced that he would like to take me on a date on Tuesday night when I got back from Chattanooga - to celebrate my past three years of working at Mercy. WOW! That meant so much to me!! We laugh with friends all the time (who are married without kids) how it’s like “date night” all the time since we get to spend so much quality time together during this season. Us girls always chime in though on how much it means when our men do step up and ask us out on an official “date”. There really is a difference between an official date where you get dressed up, etc. and just going to grab Chipotle on any general night. And don’t get me wrong - we’re thankful for the “any general nights” as well - it just means a lot when a “date night” is initiated. 

On Tuesday, Brandon surprised me and took me to this restaurant that he knew I would love called, “Flip Burger Boutique”. We went out on a limb and ordered items that we don’t usually order which was fun! I got the “lamburger” and B got the “heritage turkey”. Mine came with coriander lamb, tzaziki, goat cheese, arugula, tomato, red onion and marinated vegetables. B’s came with monterrey cheese, fresh avocado, pomegranate ketchup, and alfalfa sprouts! Simply delicious! We splurged and got an order of onion rings as well - YUM! At the beginning of dinner, Brandon gave a sweet toast for the past three years of hard work at Mercy. It has meant SO much to have Brandon’s full blessing and support since day one of me taking this job. Then the encouraging “marriage moment” of the week was when I felt loved and known by Brandon - in the fact that he invited me out on a date night to celebrate all the hard work. 

It’s truly been such a blessing to be part of an organization that is still changing lives. We’re still going to be a part of Mercy - it’s just going to look different than being in the corporate office day in and day out. Right now God has us on a new adventure in Birmingham, and I am excited about diving in and getting plugged in with this community. I still look forward to talking with people who want to be part of a life changing ministry - because I know where to point them!!
Closing statement from the man of the house: “I really do know how much ‘date nights’ mean to Whit and it was the least I could do to love her in this way. I wanted her to know that her hard work and determination over the past couple of years has meant so much to me - as God has used her to help support our family as well. Her hard work, motivation, and persistence was something that I noticed in her from the get go - even when we were dating.”


  1. Love this. It can be hard to plan REAL "date nights" for us because we work together all day everyday. Sounds like fun to those not married, or even to married people who are super busy with separate lives/jobs BUT it can be tough. Why would we want to go out together when we've been together all day/all week? What do we talk about? "How was your day" doesn't go very well - we know how it was - we were there!

    Still, we are learning that taking intentional time for the purpose of keeping our marriage thriving is so important! We're working hard to institute a "date night" once a week - a good habit we hope to continue even when we have kids!

  2. ps- Congratulations on a job well done at Mercy! :)

  3. The Mercy luncheon was great and it was sooo good to see you! :) so thankful God introduced us through Mercy!

    Love the "proper date" - I love it when Sam asks me on a "date" -- usually we try once a month to have dinner and a movie night which has turned into Ichiban and a movie night :)