Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not A Fan Of Ironing

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One morning when Brandon got up for work and I was still in bed, I heard him amongst the shaving in the bathroom, ask me if I could help him out by ironing his shirt for work. {insert cringe here} I do not like to iron - never have and don’t think I ever will! I stayed in sleepy mode and announced that I would not be able to iron his shirt. I went on to ask, “Why did you not ask me to do this last night?” (I am much more of a night owl than an early bird) He went on to say, “Love does not have a schedule, babe!” (In other words, if I loved him then I would get up and iron his shirt whether it be in the morning or at night!! He knows I love him...he was just being dramatic in his statement!!) 

Then we got into the discussion of dry cleaning vs. ironing. I think it would be worth every pretty penny to take his work shirts to be dry cleaned - but he knows we could save money by just ironing them ourselves. He does have a number of “non-iron” shirts that you can wash, put in the dryer, pull right out and they are ready to roll. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the shirts he has had since before the “non-iron” times, still need a little tender love and affection. So then we got to talking about a steamer. The people we know who have one of these say that they work like a charm! 
There were a number of reasons I did not pop right up at the first time I was asked to iron B’s shirt this morning. For one, I was still sleeeeeeping! Two, I do not like ironing and really wanted to stick to my guns on this one because I do think we need to take the shirts to be dry cleaned OR get a steamer. Three, I would have preferred that B ask me to do this the night before so that I could have cranked it out while I was awake or at least had some kind of warning!
The fact of the matter is - neither of us like to iron. Brandon says that it’s because we both have a few “perfectionist” tendencies and we can still see the wrinkles - even after the ironing is complete. Sounds like it’s time to invest in a steamer...
Closing statement from the man of the house: “This marriage moment has been a little growing pain for Whit and I. It's obvious that my expectation was for her to do the ironing - but I do understand that she doesn't like to iron - because neither do I!!"

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