Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team Dreamers

So many of you are so dear to continue to ask about an update on our house in Nashville. It is with great JOY that we share with you the most recent update...we are going to be LANDLORDS!! Yes, the Lord has led us to rent out our house instead of sell it - at this time. After more than ten showings (and still zero offers), we sent out an email a few weeks ago to a bunch of our contacts in Nashville to keep praying for the Lord to either bring a buyer by the end of August or for it to be made clear for us to put renters in our house. Within a few short hours, a sweet Nashville friend responded to our email and said that this in fact was sent at just the perfect time...she and her roommates are looking for a house to move into in September!! God is sooo good.
Our First Home ... Nashville, TN 

To sum it up in a few words or less...the theme of this whole process lately has brought it to the surface of how God has made Brandon to be a DREAMER and how God has made me to be Brandon’s SUPPORT. Brandon shared with me over a month ago how the Lord kept laying it on his heart to possibly rent out the house (if God brought along the right renters, to sign at least a year’s lease, and so on and so forth)... The “get ‘er done” part of me thought it would be best to sell the house and be finished with it - once and for all. One night when we were at dinner, B looked me in the eyes and said, “Babe, you know I’m a dreamer. I feel that the Lord has put this on my heart as a way for us to have a rental property as an investment piece - and actually make money in the long run from something that could have originally been taking a hit. I need you to pray about this as well and get on board with seeing what the Lord is showing me!!” WOW...that’s all I needed to hear...HE needed ME to get on board with him and his it! Hearing it put like that, I was all in!! After much prayer, seeking advice and wisdom from people more seasoned than us who do this kind of thing for a living, we have continued to be affirmed in this thought and encouraged to move forward. 

It’s been SUCH a neat process for this “Team Dreamers” unit and we truly could not have done this without love and respect for one another - and continued encouragement and support through the people we have sought counsel from - and each other. We are happy to share with you that these precious renters will be moving in during the month of September and living there for a year! Then we will re-evaluate on whether or not we want to continue filling the house with renters OR try and sell it. Speaking from where we are at this very moment, we like the idea of continuing to rent it out. We love, too, that this will be a tangible way for us to be plugged in and connected still with our very first home and a city we love so much. Thank you for your prayers and all the times you’ve checked in on the status of this whole process. We feel very blessed. 

Closing statement from the man of the house: “If Whit is not on my side, my dreams would die. And who knows what might happen if my Whit would just believe, trust, and share my dreams!! Ladies, be aware when your main shares a dream. Keep in mind that we don’t talk much anyways - much less, share something so vulnerable as a ‘dream’ don’t miss it when it comes!! Seize the opportunity for adventure with your man and see what God will do!! I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes this team of dreamers!”

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