Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sharing The News With Our Families

Christmas 2011 was full of special moments that we will never forget. Here is the scoop on how our parents found out that they are going to be "grandparents" and how our brothers found out that they are going to be "uncles"! 

For starters, I rode up to Chattanooga with a friend on Wednesday night (December 21) so that I could attend a Mother/Daughter brunch with my dear high school friends & their moms on Thursday morning. Brandon was working on Thursday and planning to drive in that night. I used every bit of self-control to not say a word on the car ride Wednesday night AND when I arrived at Mom and Dad's house that evening. We talked about work and any other topic that came up...and I was just thankful to feel somewhat decent in the evenings 'cause at that point in the pregnancy...I had been sleeping a ton and spending most of my days in the bed or on the couch with the heavy nausea. Thursday morning rolled around and I got up, got dressed, headed downstairs to the kitchen where Mom had asked me to pull the "Greek Frittata" out of the oven while she ran upstairs to finish getting ready. It was about the time that I was pulling that out of the oven where the myriad of smells hit me and I had to go back upstairs. I called Brandon and told him that I don't think I'm going to be able to push through and "fake it" with not being sick and he encouraged me to not worry and to take care of myself and the ladies would (eventually) understand. So I hopped back in my pajamas and into my bed. Mom came around the corner and said, "Ready to roll, sissy? Sissy! Are you ok, sweetheart?" I told her that I was fine and that there had been something going around the office this past week that I think had hit me. I told her that I think I better rest so that I can enjoy Christmas and not get any worse but to please go ahead to the brunch without me. She totally understood and asked if she could bring me anything. A piece of toast with almond butter later, she was on her way to the brunch and I went back to sleep. 

It would not paint the full picture for you if I didn't insert a few extra details here. First, I sleep like a rock. So for anything to wake me up, it must be loud. Second, I woke up from my sleep to this loud noise above my room -- coming from the roof. I went downstairs and asked Parker (my brother) what in the world was going on and he informed me that we were getting a new roof today! Oh perfect, right as I am trying to sleeeeeep! SO...he brings me the noise-isolating headphones that you wear while hunting. I make my way downstairs to the guest bedroom so that I'm on the first floor and no longer right under the roof work.

Here is the photo that Parker took of my heading back to sleep WITH the headphones!
Sweet Major kept me company all day...all Christmas really!!!

So on with the story...that afternoon my Mom got home and we were visiting about the brunch. "SIS! The MOMS all think you're PREGNANT!" I say, "Oh Mom, you're so sweet. No, I'm positive it's not that and I'm sorry to get your hopes up." (I had already practiced this whole speech with Brandon 'cause I didn't want to lie!! HA!) She tilts her head down and says, "Ok..." (Come to find out later that she shoots the moms a text that said: "Nope...Merry Christmas")  Meanwhile, I am on pins and needles waiting for Brandon to arrive. Sooner rather than later, Dad comes home from work, Steadman (Brandon's brother) comes in from Atlanta, Mom and Parker are already at the house, and Brandon arrives from Birmingham. PHEW! Everyone is finally at the house!! Brandon and I put a "special gift" in the tree (my Dad is notorious for hiding a special gift in the tree each Christmas) and we gather the family into the living room for ONE special gift, pre-Christmas. (We had already made the decision to share the news on Thursday night and not wait all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday to actually be on "Christmas day" since I felt so gross and didn't want to be faking it the whole time...and this would give us longer to celebrate in person and start everyone's week off on a happy note!)

We were all gathered in the living room and had given each person a gift. After the brothers had said, "Who do you want to open first?!" and we said, "How about Mom & Dad!" ... Mom and Dad started to open their present. Dad was in the middle of reminding us not to throw wrapping paper in the fireplace because of what happened one Christmas when we did...And at about that time in his story is when Mom and Dad opened the gift box and this song started playing. (It was one of those cards from LifeWay that plays a song when you open it up) Dad's story paused and that's when he saw a picture of Brandon and I with an arrow pointing to my belly saying that "Your first grand baby is on the way. Due August 2012!!!" When dad saw the word "grand baby"...he jumped up and started hugging us! Mom was reading the card and saw, "Dear Suzie & Pops"...and when she saw "SUZIE" she knew something was up...because that was the grandmother name she wanted to be called!! We all start hugging and the tears of joy start falling. It was such a special moment. We recall the details of the morning and afternoon and Mom told me that I could have won an Academy Award for the acting I did in the guest room when I convinced her that I wasn't pregnant! She really believed me which I was so thankful for because I wanted her to be surprised in THIS moment!!! Needless to say, we put the brothers' gifts back under the tree for later (!!) as that was truly a decoy for the special gift we had for Mom and Dad, which was in essence a gift for the entire family. 
After a sweet dinner filled with so much JOY, Brandon and I called his parents to deliver an "early Christmas gift" and they were beside themselves as well! The first grand baby on both sides of our families :) It's been such a blessing to share in this special time with them and have their prayers, encouragement and support. There are so many other things we could share to add to these special days...but you've read a long enough novel for now! If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! 
Closing statement from the man of the house: "As Whit shared, it was such a blessing to US to see how much joy this news gave our parents AND our brothers. We know that this baby is going to be sooo very loved! Christmas 2011 is one of those highlighted events in our marriage that we will always cherish." 

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