Tuesday, March 20, 2012

20 weeks!

Mama & Nelson at 20 weeks!!!

What a sweet week it's been...calling our baby boy by name!! Thank you again to each and everyone of you for the sweet words of encouragement you've given us over this past week about our precious Nelson! 

I know a lot of you have tried to catch a glimpse here and there of the "baby bump" from pics posted...so I thought I would give you the most recent "20 weeks" shot! 

Not only does everything taste delicious in the second trimester, but I've certainly got my energy back! It's been fun this past week to be in Chattanooga with family for a variety of celebrations: Baby Gender Reveal, Wedding Shower for Liz (the sweet fiance of my brother, Parker), and B's 30th Birthday!! Never a dull moment, that's for sure! Another thing that we've been able to incorporate back into the schedule is exercise! A dear friend sent Mom and Dad this awesome "MaxT3" workout DVD that we've been doing, along with wonderful daily walks as we breathe in the mountain air! Oh yah, and I got a pair of "Fit Flops" to wear around here, there, and everywhere to be making the most of every step! 

I couldn't resist sharing the latest "Family Workout In The Kitchen" video with ya! If you have two minutes, check this out


  1. That video was toooooo much fun!!! Rick used to tell me about your grandfather being so animated and fun. Looks like he passed down that great gene!!
    Haven and Rick

  2. Oh my gosh Whit...ya'll are too much! Love the kitchen workout! So happy about Nelson!

  3. Love this! Especially the video! Just wait until the jumps in maxT3 combine with lots of pressure on your bladder...it's not pretty ;)

  4. that's so cute. i love your mom's kitchen!