Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We are thrilled to announce: IT'S A....BOY!!!! 
"Nelson Nall" is on the way!!! 

We're 19 weeks along and had an ultrasound today in Chattanooga at 3pm. We let the ultrasound tech know that we wanted to find out tonight with family and to try not to let us see anything that would give it away! So after our appointment, she called a local bakery (that already had the cupcakes made and was waiting to hear if the inner icing filling was going to be blue or pink) to let them know "boy" or "girl".

First, I have to say that I have never seen something so amazing as that ultrasound of our very own baby. The brain, the heart, the two kidneys, the legs, the feet, the hands...unbelievably amazing. I had tears in my eyes as I was watching that precious one kick his/her feet and chills just seeing how God was literally knitting this little miracle together in my womb. 

Second, I kept wondering how anyone could ever question that there is a "God" after seeing something as miraculous as this. I have been reminded of "life" a lot lately as I feel more and more in "bloom" everyday with a growing belly, now seeing this precious one on the ultrasound, the beautiful weather all around, and pretty flowers popping up everywhere. Even in the midst of a lot of pain in the world, so sweet to be reminded of God's fingerprints of LIFE all around. back to the "gender reveal" story! Tonight at 6pm, Mom, Dad, Parker (my brother), Brandon and I had pink and blue all around the room...with cupcakes in the center of the table that would soon tell us the gender of our precious firstborn! We had Brandon's brother (Steadman) on FaceTime (where we could see him on the iPhone and he could see us) and a neighbor came over to take photos. We counted down from 3...2...1...and then all bit into the cupcakes at the same time. And the inside icing was...BLUE!!!! We all screamed, hugged, jumped, and thanked the Lord with such excitement for this precious one! 

Ever since Brandon and I got married, we knew that we wanted to name our firstborn son, Nelson. There is a pastor out of Denton, TX named "Tom Nelson" who has been a real encouragement and role model to Brandon over the years and the author of the "Song of Solomon" series that Brandon led us through when we were dating. Brandon even emailed Pastor Tom Nelson back in 2008 (when we got married) to tell him that we were going to name our firstborn son after him! When we were sharing this story about a future son's name with Brandon's family over Thanksgiving this past year, they joyfully informed us that "Nelson" is a very strong family name on the Nall side of the family. That made it all the more special. 

As soon as we knew it was a boy, a text was sent to our "secret messengers" in Dothan who had a special delivery ready to be taken to Brandon's parents! So it's been an "It's A Boy" celebration all over the Southeast this evening! 

So much more to say and still soaking in the special news (!!) but knew that we didn't want to leave you hanging any longer! Thank YOU for your messages, texts, emails, calls, but most of all for your prayers for our precious SON! We praise the Lord for a healthy growing baby and are so thankful to have you walk alongside us on this journey!!

Closing statement from the man of the house: "It's hard to sum up all that I feel right now. There was a part of me that has always wanted a son so badly that I just knew God was going to give us a girl first. Now that we know our firstborn is a's all surreal. Not even sure it's started to sink in yet. What has started to sink in is that GOD is amazing and we cannot wait to hold NELSON in our arms in August!! Enjoy a few snapshots from our celebration this evening..." 


  1. You guys are PRECIOUS! CONGRATS on little baby Nelson :-D

  2. LOVE! so excited for you Nall Family!

  3. Loved reading about the details! God's continued blessings to your family ! XOXO

  4. You guys are too cute! Love the party, love the pictures, and so excited its BLUE! :-) Congrats.