Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time To Take A Breather!

Our brains are fried as we have just completed our 2011 taxes. Talk about teamwork...whooooo! I'll tell ya one thing...I wouldn't want to do taxes with any other person!! Through prayer before we start and prayer as we close, the Lord certainly does get us through but it takes focus and determination. Since it does take a lot of energy out of us, we're going to stick to a short and simple post this week. 

Brandon has now entered his manly "cave time" (aka: sitting on the couch and no talking) and I am sitting here writing you as I feel precious Nelson kick. It's the sweetest feeling in the whole wide world to feel him with me throughout the day and night. Thank you, Lord, for this gift of LIFE! What a sweet reminder (in the midst of hard things like taxes) that YOU ARE GOOD and have entrusted us with this remarkable blessing. Here's a photo of Nelson and I growing right along at 23 weeks! 


  1. whit, this is such a cute photo! Can't wait to meet Nelson some day:)