Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quality Time

Talking through the many translations of "quality time"...!!!

These are more than just “two words” that seem to have a nice ring to them! This is something that B and I talk about often. One of my love languages is “quality time”...but the reason we wanted to write about this tonight is to talk about the different ways we each translate this! 
Brandon sees quality time as any time we’re together. For instance, if we have 10 friends over to have a “Scrabble tournament” and spend a fun evening with games & fellowship, at the end of the night...his quality time tank is full. At the end of that same night, I had a wonderful time with the games, friends, & fellowship...but I am then looking forward to at least five minutes or so of one-on-one time with Brandon. I see quality time as time when we are face-to-face, he has my undivided attention and I have his...and he is asking me about my day or talking about something intentional. 
This past week, we got to spend some great quality time together during our babymoon. We had great time in the car on the way there and back, plus great time together clocking 21+ hours together on the beach. It was a blessing to run into some of our friends at the same beach where we were and get to have some great time spent with them as well. It was quite hilarious when we were sitting out on the beach bonding with this other couple (that we knew from Nashville but had not had the opportunity to hear each other’s stories, etc before now) and something came up about how he sees quality time vs. how she sees quality time! 
After we heard how he view it vs. how she views it...the guys were everything but high fiving each other (!!) because the (obviously) saw it the same way...and she and I were t-totally on the same page as well. Refreshing to say the least. Sometimes in those moments where Brandon and I are talking this through, I often wonder if I’m just crazy or something to think of quality time as the TWO of us...not the two of us within a crowd or in the same state! And by state, I literally mean that it has been said before that Brandon feels like we’re together when we’re both spending the day in Alabama...even when he’s driving all over creation and I’m at work!

All in all, it was neat to talk through this with another couple who had recently talked about the very same thing we had...and share different insights with each other. Whenever we do have these conversations, I must say that it’s cool to see Brandon initiate some one-on-one quality time with means the world! And like I mentioned at the start, it doesn’t even have to be long...even five minutes sometimes of “how was your day, babe” is all that it takes! Thankful that God has given us mouths and ears to talk these things through and listen to where the other is coming from. Enjoying the journey of growing together as we talk through the different ways we often “translate” what seems to be the same thing. It’s something to think about if you’re spouse’s love language is quality time. I highly suggest making sure you are both talking about the same TYPE of quality time...ha! 

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