Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Hands

This past Tuesday night was our "birth class" and needless to was AWESOME. The main focus of this class was "comfort measures" so that we could talk through the different stages of labor and certain massage techniques and positions to be in to relax the body. All that to say, one of the things that really stood out to us was when the teacher had the husbands stand behind the wives and put "two hands" on us. She mentioned that putting two hands (not just one) would let us know that we are ALL THERE and that their attention is fully on us in that moment -- no distractions. There were some relaxation techniques she taught us after this that were fabulous -- then she had us get into certain positions to see what felt most comfortable to us. She encouraged us to practice these so that when we're "in the moment", our body will recognize these and feel peaceful.
One of the relaxing positions we practiced!

The reason I wanted to share those details with you is to say this...early this morning, Brandon and I were on the phone and he said, "Babe, I wanted you to know I have been praying for you this morning...a LOT. You know in our class this week when the teacher told me to put two hands on you -- and how that will help you know that I'm all there? I've been thinking a lot about that and asking the Lord this morning to have his hands on you -- that you will know He is right there with you." WOW! I could have cried a river the moment he said this. There is something so special and encouraging to know that my dear husband is interceding on my behalf and going before the throne of the Lord about such things. Thanks be to God! 

I wanted to share this sweet marriage moment with you to say what a blessing it is for me to know that Brandon is praying for me -- and even how special it is when he shares that with me. Maybe you pray for your spouse throughout the day, but have you shared that with them lately? Just a thought - but finding a way to share that with them would be such a blessing. 

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  1. Whitney! This makes me cry too. How sweet...what a precious husband. Love your blog btw...and you are a hot pregnant momma! Congrats!

    Julie (Young) Lewis