Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There Is POWER When You PRAY!

Never underestimate the power of prayer. This is true whether you are praying for your spouse or your potential spouse. I remember clear as day when the Lord laid it on my heart to pray for my future husband - and specifically that he would resist temptation. It was an amazing thing to connect all the dots when Brandon and I were engaged and I shared with him the year that the Lord had laid it on my heart to pray specifically that he would resist temptation - and that was the same year he had started playing baseball for the Minor League team of the New York Mets. Those guys had all the things of this world that they could want - but it was such an answer to my many prayers to hear how the Lord had given Brandon strength in the midst of those years. 
Now from a married perspective - we can both speak to the fact of how encouraging it is to know that we are being prayed for by each other. Brandon will send me a text saying that he has been praying for my day - and that will be the one thing that puts a hop in my step like no other! 
One of my favorite books has been “The Power Of A Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartian. There is a part in this book where it talks about how powerful it is to pray Scripture over your husband. It also says, “When you pray fervently you’ll see things happen. Before your prayers are answered there will be blessings from God that will come to you simply because you are praying. That’s because you will have spent time in the presence of God, where all lasting transformation begins.” 
We’ll close today with one more quote by Stormie: “Keep in mind that you are both imperfect people. Only the Lord is perfect. Look to God has the source of all you want to see happen in your marriage, and don’t worry about how it will happen. It’s your responsibility to pray. It’s God’s job to answer. Leave it in His hands.”


  1. i LOVE that book too, Whit! it has been so eye opening and powerful!

  2. love that book as well...and thankful that J and B had each other during those baseball years :)