Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Think You Had A Bad Day?

Funny how simple words of wisdom go a long way. Dad has often been known for sharing some pretty unforgettable “life lessons”. One that sticks out is something that he shared with Brandon and I when we were engaged. He told us that something he learned a long time ago is, “You both can’t have the worse of you needs to step up and take care of the other if the other has a bad day”. That didn’t really click until we first got married and I felt like I had a really long day and then realized that Brandon came home one day and started sharing about his really hard day. It was in that moment that Dad’s “life lesson” clicked with me. In that moment, I thought to myself of how this is what Dad has prepared us for...I better just be a good listener, finish getting dinner on the table, and make my top priority to be taking care of my man. 
A couple of years after we had been married...we got this cartoon in the mail with a note from Dad. He mentioned in the note how this cartoon was a visual of the little life lesson he had shared some years ago. You can see below in red how he even labeled “Brandon” and “Whitney” in the Blondie Cartoon. We loved that he found this cartoon and sent it to us. After keeping this on the refrigerator for many months - now we can’t think of any better place to share it than this blog. 

As we start off this new year and get into our “routines”...whether that be your work schedule at the office or at home...I’m sure we can all relate to having a long day here and there. This post is just a reminder to keep in mind that you can’t both have the very worse day. Be sensitive to the fact that even though you’d like to pull in your driveway, hop out of the car, walk in the front door and unload about your rough day...your main squeeze may have had a pretty long and tough one as well. Choose your battles. Practice selflessness and try to be the one that lends the listening will go a long way! 

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  1. Such a wonderful lesson explained beautifully!! thats so true that we should support others in their hard time and share their worries despite of having bad time too,in such way we can help other and forget our own problems too. Well afterall, Sharing is Caring.