Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vacation Expectations

Brandon and I learned early on that it would be best to share about our expectations for vacation at the beginning of the trip. This has blessed us in so many ways and made vacations very enjoyable. I remember last summer when we were on the new Southwest flight from Nashville to Panama City Beach and Brandon said, “Babe, what are your top three expectations for this week?” I just about jumped out of my seat with excitement that he was even wanting to know! He had his top three and I had my top three...and I even remember them to this day. His: 1) Have no plans, 2) Take naps every day, 3) Eat lots of fresh seafood. Mine: 1) Visit the Seaside Chapel where we got married, 2) Take walks on the beach every day, 3) Get dressed up and go to a nice dinner. 

It's been great for us to express these things on the front end of a trip so that we can know what means a lot to the other person and help "speak their love language" by knowing what the other person is really looking forward to. This past week, we headed down to Florida with another couple on Thursday and stayed through Monday. At the beginning of the trip, Brandon led the four of us in sharing our expectations. It was a fun part of the car ride to hear what each person was expecting out of the next four days at the beach. Here are a few pictures that give you a glimpse into our trip and seeing what each person's expectations were!! 

One of B's this time was to setup an "umbrella forest" so that we would have ample shade and be able to stay out on the beach til the sun goes down ... without getting too sunburned!! Notice he has three umbrellas!

Another one of B's for this trip was to take regular "ocean adventures" each day!! Always fun adventures to be had!

This one is a combination of two of my usuals: One, walks on the beach...Two, watch the sunset!!

For anyone that has followed this blog from the know that B loves a good nap!!

This is when we were at one of our fav wedding photo shoot locations... "reenacting" one of our fav photos!

Taking fun photos around Seaside before our nice dinner!

Delicious dinner from Cafe Tango - Truly a treat!!

Closing statement from the man of the house:  We have learned a lot about each other by sharing our expectations for vacation. Now we're to the point where we can usually guess what each other's top three are going to be. It's a fun and simple way that I can show Whit I love her and she can love me!"


  1. Hit a home run,again,with this one, Whitney and Brandon !

  2. This is so great, Whit! On our family vacations we would all say what our "ten" was, meaning the one thing that would make the trip...and then we made sure to do everyones! This is definitely a great thing to do for trips with a spouse! Can't wait to see you!

  3. I LOVE this more than you know. What a GREAT idea. Thanks so much for sharing! :)