Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What A Week!

This past week has been one of a kind! Brandon had a really neat job opportunity fall into his lap - and he has been interviewing hard core with this company for the past month. In the past week, everything came down to him and one other guy. All of our conversations, time and energy last week centered around this job. Each day it was an early morning and a late night - which is pretty uncommon for the Nall home. I knew my role was to make sure Brandon had nice clothes to wear each day and was well fed. With all the nerves that come with interviewing, he certainly was not as hungry as normal. He poured his heart and his soul into this whole process and found out on Monday of this week that the job went to the other guy - he had many more years of sales experience. Though it was a disappointment, we know without a doubt that a closed door is just as much direction as an open door. We prayed that if this opportunity was NOT what the Lord had as Brandon’s next step - that He would close the door. SO...this news was clearly an answer to our prayers. This whole process has certainly awakened a whole new excitement in Brandon for working hard and providing for our family! As I look back on this past week, there was not one second of time wasted. In fact, this week goes down in the books as a major “praise” because we have seen our need for the Lord more than ever! We have depended on Him, we have spent time with Him, and we have wanted to know what He desires for us!!
It’s always amazing to see how the Lord provides during such busy weeks like the one we have just had. For instance, on Friday night we went to the Lecrae concert at Rocketown. We got to spend such sweet time with two of our favorites, Ben & Ashley! Ben was Brandon’s mentor at LSU and Ashley and I met the summer before Brandon and I got married. They have been such an encouragement to us along each step of our married journey and it was so wonderful to catch right up where we had last left off. They are now expecting baby number three - so it was so fun to hear little nuggets of what the Lord is teaching them in this stage of life. Here is a picture of the four of us: 

Another neat way the Lord provided for us over the weekend was waking up to Brandon’s brother bringing us breakfast in bed. Ohhh, it’s the little things in life, isn’t is?!! Steadman is the Road Manager for Lecrae - so he was in town for the weekend. Brandon and I were both t-totally exhausted and Steadman knew what kind of week we had just had - so it was the sweetest thing when he brought in two trays of food and gently said, “I’ll be back in a little bit to get the dishes. Enjoy!” Thought you would enjoy this pic as well! 

Closing statement from the man of the house: The one word that comes to mind right now is 'blessed'. Blessed by the opportunity I've had this past week, blessed by our family and friends that have been lifting us up in prayer, and blessed to know the Lord is leading us."

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