Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Prayer

We want to be known. Each of us wants the other person to know what makes us tick...when we’re ready to be still and quiet and when we’re ready to sit and chat. We come home from long days ready to be fed and go to sleep. Then we wake up the next day and do it all over again. God has given us each other as a helper - yet some days we feel so totally different from the other that we wonder how we’re helping. It’s in those moments that we realize that no one can satisfy our deepest desires but JESUS. No perfect meal, bedtime, walk, talk, moment of silence, flowers, week at the beach, bubble bath, baseball game....NOTHING CAN SATISFY US BUT JESUS. It’s humbling to come back to that realization day in and day out. This week our marriage moment is a glimpse into one of our prayers to the Lord: 

“Lord, you are the only one that truly knows us. You not only know what makes us know the number of hairs on our head. You are with us all the day long and already know what we’re thinking before we even know that’s what we’re feeling. Please forgive us for not coming to you first and foremost to have our needs met in each moment. Thank you for loving us and continuing to reveal yourself to us. Thank you for giving us each other to show us our sin more and in return, show us our dire need for you. Draw us closer to YOU and closer to each other. May we love each other out of pure motives with the unselfish love in which you first loved us.”

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