Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Expectations For The Weekend

It's probably not a far fetched comment to say that many of us are over joyed when the weekends roll around. They come too slowly and leave too quickly. When they're here, we all have our "list" of fun things to enjoy in the three nights and two days. Some of you may have read before how helpful it's been over the years for Brandon and I to share our expectations when we go out of town on vacation...and the same is true for the weekends. His ideal weekend may look different from mine...so it makes it better all around to talk through expectations on the front end.


Take this past weekend for example. Something I really wanted to do was go to Pinkberry! It's my favorite frozen yogurt place that I was sad to leave when we moved from Nashville but happy to hear Birmingham was opening their first Pinkberry store two miles from us, two months ago!! Something Brandon wanted to do was watch the Broncos game on Sunday night. Since we don't have cable (surprising, I know...being the sports loving family that we are...we have taken up reading as a hobby and quite frankly enjoy the peace and quiet of our home) ... Something we both really wanted was to come home from work on Friday and have a "staycation"...meaning we weren't leaving town and we didn't have any plans all weekend except to play things by ear and make a big pot of chili with some cornbread! 

Homemade chili & cornbread on a Friday night!

Seeing that we talked about these expectations on the front end of the weekend, Brandon knew on Saturday that that evening would probably be the best to take me out for frozen yogurt...and I knew going into Sunday that after church, afternoon naps, and chilling...B would head out to watch the football game with the guys. I can't tell you what a blessing it is (especially for this "planner") to know what to expect at the beginning...even if it's not a play-by-play of every detail...just a general idea of expectations shared. How simple it is to communicate these openly and then love each other in these ways. These are just simple examples of how bigger items can be shared when they arise as well. 

Brothers on their way to cheer on Tim Tebow!

Closing statement from the man of the house: "One of my favorite things to do for anytime or anywhere is talk expectations with Whitty!  I like this guys, because it's a guaranteed success because you know what your girl wants and the answer is clear. Now the question is... Am I willing to sacrifice to meet her expectations??! ...And that, my friends, is a whole blog in itself! Ha!"


  1. great post Whit, I enjoy reading!

  2. love the recap, B.
    And love the caption below the Pink Berry, Whit! babahahahahhaa