Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Up, Up, and Away!

This weekend, I took B to the airport to put him on a plane for a business trip. Let's just say...even after three and a half years of marriage...it's still not easy to be apart from my babe! As we stood there hugging on the sidewalk, I remember him saying: "Be strong for me, babe! Sure do wish we could throw down the $2,000 it would cost to go inside and book you a ticket to come with me!" Oh, he knows how to make me smile! I grit my teeth and tried so hard to smile instead of cry as we said "see ya later" and went on our way. As you can tell, we are blessed to not have to be apart much with the jobs we have, so when we are apart for a couple of days...it does seem long but when put in perspective...I know that some of you are away from your spouses for long periods of time. I have come to grips with the fact that God gives you a grace for that if that's the journey He has called you to! 

It's been a sweet time for me to sit back and reflect on something one of our pastors once said when we were in Nashville as newlyweds. I remember a sermon when he said: "Many times you will hear someone say, 'I couldn't live without my husband/wife'. The truth is...you can live without your spouse. The prayer and desire of your heart is that you hope you never have to." While Brandon was gone, it was such a sweet time for me to spend with the Lord. I remembered that HE is the ONE that is going to meet all my needs, not my precious husband. He is the ONE that goes with me everywhere, even when Brandon can't be physically by my side. He is the ONE that knows every thought that goes through my head even before I think it, even when Brandon can finish most of my sentences. 

A sweet friend recently prayed over me that the Lord would surprise me with sweet signs of His presence, even in Brandon's absence. Little did she even realize that even having that time at night to catch up with her on the phone was in itself such a sweet surprise and blessing from the Lord to have that time with a dear soul sister. When we open our eyes to the blessings of God all around us, He shows himself to us. The truth is, He is ALWAYS with us. I am thankful today for being put in a place this past week to be reminded that He is all I need. I genuinely pray that Brandon and I will always want to be by each other's side and enjoying the journeys of life together - but then when the days come for us to be in separate spots - that the marriage moment will be in the growth opportunity that comes as we lean into the unfailing love of the Lord. 

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