Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies

We've all heard of the "girl brain" and "guy brain" differences but I've got to admit, it's pretty funny to live day in and day out with someone of the other brain type and see how they really do play out. Take this past Friday night for example. Brandon and I had been out to dinner and had just gotten home to watch a movie. I see a friend's picture on Facebook of the amazing "Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies" that she had just made and I go to Pinterest to find the recipe. 30 minutes later, the cookies are about to come out of the oven at our house and I think to myself, "We really need some vanilla ice cream to go on top"...!! I hop in my car, asking B to please take the cookies out when the timer goes off, and let him know that I'll be "right back"! 10 minutes later I walk in with the ice cream, just in time to put a dollop on top of our warm, about to melt in our mouth, cookies!!! We sit down, with our deep dish cookies in hand, and enjoy the movie. Simple as that! 

Later on, B says to me..."So babe, you really enjoy making those? That's just amazing because there's nothing worse I can think of doing after a long day's work!" It clicked with me how we are wired so different from each other...yet compliment each other so well. My thought process is..."Yum, that looks delicious. It's Friday night and what better time to make these? No time like the present, let's hop to it!" Brandon's thought is, "Those sure do look delicious but never would I ever have enough energy at the end of this day to whip those up...and who knows what all it takes to make them!" Being reminded of how differently we're wired yet how it so perfectly compliments the other, has been something great for me to think of even as we encounter bigger life lessons that come up as we communicate throughout the days. Amazing what you can learn from Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies! Here's the recipe if this looks like something YOU wanna make tonight for someone special! (And like we do for most recipes...we tweaked a few of the ingredients and substituted the items it called for with different things that we had...ie, instead of sugar we used agave, etc!) 

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